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One Tree Hill is a TV show for teens-young adults created by Mark Schwahn for the WB. The WB had merged with UPN and made a new channel - The CW. The how had premiered on September 23, 2003 with the Pilot and ended in Season 9 on April 4, 2012 with One Tree Hill.


Core Five

One Tree Hill is based on the lives of five high school teenage friends living in a fictional town, Tree Hill, North Carolina. The lives of these five people collided when Lucas Scott joined half-brother Nathan Scott's basketball team - the Tree Hill Ravens. The hatred between the brothers grew and got even worse when three increadibly beautiful girls became more apart of the brothers' lives and thier fued. Haley james - best friend of lucas - had tested her loyalties when she started to tutor and fall for Nathan after breaking through the bad-boy personality; Peyton Sawyer struggles to come to terms with her best friend, Brooke Davis, dating Lucas - of whom she had struggled to choose between her head and her heart and ended up losing him; and Brooke finally removes her facade and falls for Lucas. the one-time outsider. the lives of these five teenagers anf thier friens collided and drama was soon to follow.


Season 7 Cast

Although between season six and season seven, Peyton and Lucas leave Tree Hill, they are still mentioned in some episodes. Three new regular occuring characterds are introduced and take their places;Clay Evans, Nathan's agent, Quinn James, Haley's sister, and Alex Dupre, actress who was hired to model for Brooke as the face of her company - Clothes Over Bros. Throughout season seven, eight and nine, Alex causes conflict between Brooke and JulianBaker, and Clay tries to come to terms with his late wife, Sara, and starts a relationship with Quinn. Throughout One Tree Hill, it shows both their high school lives (seasons 1-4) and thier adult lives (seasons 5-9).

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